About Us

Science-based. Performance-focused. Washing Systems is the leading provider of innovative products and services to the commercial laundry processing industry.

Driven by comprehensive technological innovations, we deliver powerful advancements in the cleaning, processing, and disinfecting of textiles. We are always moving forward, maximizing performance while reducing environmental impact.

We build long-term, hands-on partnerships with our customers to maximize quality, reduce costs and enhance their bottom line.


We deliver excellent service through innovation.

Our products are backed by years of research.

Research and development is a springboard for great products.

Our customer’s success is our greatest driver.

Inspect quality

Our LRM’s inspect to ensure the highest quality garment is obtained.



Washing Systems services all of North America and Europe. Our global headquarters is in Loveland, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati with offices across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.