Uniquely focused on the commercial laundry processing industry, we are the market leader. We anticipate and respond to your needs, partnering with customers to deliver cost-reducing, profit-enhancing, innovative, eco-friendly, solutions. Sustainability and safety drive our innovations. Strong customer partnerships yield strategic insights and produce actionable results.

Food & Beverage

  • Produce hygienically clean, quality textiles
  • Food Safety and Sanitization expertise
  • Set high dining standards with crisp, clean uniforms, tablecloths, and napkins
  • Guarantee textile integrity and diner safety with green solutions and resource conservation


  • Patent-Pending process to verify hygienic cleanliness of textiles
  • Ensure the safety of your patients with textiles free of pathogens
  • 100% NPE-Free technology
  • Conserve resources and optimize operational efficiencies


  • Exceed guest expectations with perfectly bright, clean linens
  • Formulations designed specifically to treat the most stubborn of soils
  • Preserve your bottom line with green technologies that conserve resources


  • Deep expertise and focus to provide the most innovative products and produce the highest quality textiles
  • Clean the toughest of soils with patented Hi-Vis treatment
  • Ensure people and product safety with verification of hygienic cleanliness
  • 100% NPE-free, Phosphate-free, and EDTA-free