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Our customers say it best: “We find that WSI keeps us on the cutting edge.” Research is the backbone of our work. We source raw materials globally, providing you with the very best the planet has to offer. An on-site, comprehensive R&D Center includes a wet chemical laboratory, ISO-accredited microbiological laboratory, equipment engineering center, and textile-focused technology lab.

Real-world problems require real-world, innovative solutions. That’s why we bring our team of experts out of the lab to you, testing in your facilities and responding to industry realities.


The future of commercial laundry is here. Introducing TRUpath™, a breakthrough, alkali-free process designed to be Cleaner. Greener. Safer.

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WSI’s highest standards of individualized service and reporting ensure that you produce the cleanest textiles with maximum efficiency. Consistently leading, we pioneered the industry in the servicing of commercial laundries.
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