Our customers’ and employees’ safety is the priority. No exceptions. Recognized by OSHA and the EPA, safety is at the core of everything we do. We partner with our customers every day to assess and enhance their safety profiles. Our innovations demonstrate our commitment to health and safety in the workplace for your people and your plant.

We are continually delivering comprehensive, technological advancements that eliminate millions of pounds of hazardous chemicals from the environment annually including Alkali, NPEs, Phosphates. And, our patent-pending processes verify the removal of harmful pathogens from your textiles.

Featured Innovation

Tru path

  • Verified hygienic cleanliness
  • Minimizes hazardous bulk deliveries
  • Eliminates need for acid treatment of wastewater

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WSI’s highest standards of individualized service and reporting ensure that you produce the cleanest textiles with maximum efficiency. Consistently leading, we pioneered the industry in the servicing of commercial laundries.
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