Hygienic Cleanliness

In an increasingly competitive and regulated industry, your reputation depends on the ability to provide the maximum level of hygiene and product cleanliness. We bring verified hygienic cleanliness to you with cutting-edge processes and technology. With a fully dedicated microbiological laboratory and team on-site, our scientists work to verify the safety of your textiles.

The security that comes from verified hygienic cleanliness brings you more than the cleanest, safest products. It brings you complete peace of mind.

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Certified Laboratory

WSI has a comprehensive, certified BSL-2 Microbiological Laboratory at its global headquarters. The lab, which is accredited under ISO 17025 from the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (Certificate Number 3920.01), is staffed by a team of Microbiologists and chemical engineers. This value added service provides our customers with the ability to quickly verify the hygienic cleanliness of textiles, demonstrate complete removal of harmful pathogens, and apply global certification standards.

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WSI’s highest standards of individualized service and reporting ensure that you produce the cleanest textiles with maximum efficiency. Consistently leading, we pioneered the industry in the servicing of commercial laundries.
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