Water Treatment

Consistent compliance. Cost-effective treatment. Plant-centric service.

WSI’s solutions ensure your wastewater is ready for reuse or release. We partner with you to maintain compliance with wastewater treatment regulations. We are always evaluating and analyzing your systems through a hands-on, plant-centric approach. We get to know your people and the chemistry you use. Our scientists formulate solutions to treat all wastewater conditions, and our dedicated R&D experts and service support teams train and work hand-in-hand with your staff on proper use.

Featured Partnership

Partnership with Clearbrook

We are delighted to partner with Clearbrook, a solely dedicated division of WSI focused on the Water Treatment market. Specializing in proprietary and innovative waste-water treatment products to its loyal customer base, Clearbrook utilizes WSI’s consultative driven processes that drive operational solutions and regulatory compliance.

Clearbrook Inc

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