Water Treatment

Consistent compliance. Cost-effective treatment. Plant-centric service.

WSI’s solutions ensure your wastewater is ready for reuse or release. We partner with you to maintain compliance with wastewater treatment regulations. We are always evaluating and analyzing your systems through a hands-on, plant-centric approach. We get to know your people and the chemistry you use.  And with our newly formed WSI Water team of highly trained wastewater technical experts, we stand poised to provide support in solving any technical issues that may arise in your wastewater treatment system.

WSI Water

Experienced Water Specialists

WSI Water consists of highly trained and passionate industry experts who are ready to help you optimize your system requirements. Our Water Specialists have spent years servicing and supporting a variety of wastewater treatment facilities across the country. Additionally, this team has years of experience in managing systems, providing you with the advantage of a having someone with a deep understanding of the balance between operational needs, product performance and production demand.

WSI Water

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WSI’s highest standards of individualized service and reporting ensure that you produce the cleanest textiles with maximum efficiency. Consistently leading, we pioneered the industry in the servicing of commercial laundries.
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