Leading the Way

Our team of scientists and engineers create advanced technologies for cleaning, processing, and disinfecting commercial-grade textiles. With over thirty patents solely in the commercial laundry space, we continually lead the market in green science and refined disinfection verification systems. Our cutting-edge products make textiles 100% safe and hygienically clean.


Innovation is inherent in our culture.

Landmark innovations:

  • Rapid Rate Cleaning™- washing technology that cleans better and rinses quicker
  • Pure Solutions Line™ – 100% NPE-Free line of detergents, same ounce for ounce end use cost as enhanced/optimized cleaning systems
  • ClearPath™ – patent-pending process for verification of hygienic cleanliness
  • Hi-Vis Pro™- patented treatment for hi-visibility garments. Maintaining the integrity of FR garments and Hi-Vis tape in the most difficult of soils
  • Wash-Eye™- At-A-Glance, real-time information reporting insights