Delivering comprehensive innovations in textile cleaning and processing, service and disinfection.
Empowering our customers to produce the highest quality textiles, maximize their operational efficiencies, and demonstrate their commitment to the environment.

Why work with us?

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  1. Passionate About Innovation

    By conducting comprehensive Research & Development, we continually set standards throughout the commercial laundry industry.

  2. Market Leading Service Protocols

    Building hands-on partnerships that produce the highest quality textiles.

  3. Our Customers Trust Us

    The highest standards of service ensure that our customers produce the cleanest textiles with maximum efficiency.

  4. Exclusively Focused

    Servicing the commercial laundry industry.

  5. Gain More Insights

We have continuously led the industry in the effort to clean green.


NPE, Phosphate, EDTA - Free

Not to mention we have won a few awards.

  • OSHA
  • The Environmental Protection Agency
  • National Pollution Prevention Roundtable