The Smarter Way to Wash

The future of commercial laundry is here. As the trusted innovators in the industry, WSI has a decorated history of introducing industry landmark innovations with numerous patents specific to the commercial laundry space. WSI is pleased to introduce a truly revolutionary wash process, with universal applications, that changes the way we wash.

TRUpath™, a patent-pending wash process, is a true innovation in quality. Washing free of alkali, WSI’s revolutionary process extends textile life by over 25%, saves 30-40 hours of machine time per week, and produces hygienically clean textiles.

A Cleaner Path

With superior alkali-free cleaning, TRUpath provides significant benefits to the quality of goods you produce. A gentler wash process removes concerns of alkaline hydrolysis and produces whiter whites and brighter brights. Further, the patent-pending process through its innovative combination of solutions, is proven to dramatically reduce merchandise costs for operators. TRUpath is a true innovation in cleaning quality.

A Greener Path

Better for our planet and your bottom line, TRUpath optimizes the energy and water consumption of each load, yielding significant benefits to each plant. Completely free of Alkali, NPEs, and Phosphates, WSI has introduced this technology to truly optimize all operations in a plant and the surrounding environment. Its formula structure is proven to significantly enhance plant capacity while demonstrating over 50% savings in utility costs per load. TRUpath is a smarter choice for our planet and your facility.

A Safer Path

The removal of alkali from the wash process, while simultaneously enhancing the quality of the goods produced, is a true innovation in safety. No longer will plant employees risk exposure to this harmful chemical, facilities need to prepare for hazardous bulk deliveries, or utilize sulfuric acid. As an added layer of security, WSI utilizes an EPA registered sanitizer, PerTect™, designed specifically for use in commercial laundries on textiles. TRUpath’s ability to produce verified, hygienically clean textiles, provides further piece of mind that your plant is providing a safer product to your customers. 

A smart choice for your plant is also a smart choice for our planet. The security that comes from TRUpath brings you more than the cleanest, safest products. It brings you complete peace of mind and clearly demonstrates your commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. Welcome to the future of commercial laundry.

Benefits of TRUpath:

  • Patent-pending
  • Superior alkali-free wash process
  • Produces hygienically clean goods
    • Increased disinfection (greater infection control)
  • Meets North American and European hygienically clean standards
  • Saves 30-40 hours of machine time per week
  • Extends textile life by 25% and decreases merchandise costs
  • Over 50% savings in utility costs per load


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