WSI Awarded with MVP2 Award for Third Time

WSI Awarded with MVP2 Award for Third Time

The Most Valuable Pollution Prevention (MVP2) Award is presented annually to companies demonstrating outstanding achievement in Pollution Prevention by the National Pollution Prevention Roundtable (NPPR).  WSI is being awarded for a third time.  Previous recognitions were for removal of NPE’s, Phosphates, EDTA, and petroleum solvents.  This year’s MVP2 recognition is for TRUpath™ technology, which removes the use of Sodium Hydroxide or caustic soda (Alkali) in wash formulas.  TRUpath™ has made washing in the industry, not only possible without the use of harsh alkali, but cost effective, efficient, and at the highest cleaning quality.

NPPR Board member and Chair of the Awards committee, Rick Reibstein, said of WSI, “All of the chemicals WSI focuses on eliminating are important to avoid, and if people would follow their example, substantial environmental improvement would result, and discharges to water would be far less harmful than they now are.”  He later added that, “Achieving significant reductions in energy and water use make this (TRUpath™) significant, and we want to reward with recognition that broad-based, holistic approach, which is most efficient and most ethically responsible.  In addition, Sodium Hydroxide is a serious workplace hazard, so you are reducing workplace exposures, an aspect of P2 that is not as often pursued.  That WSI sees this as a demonstration for others to follow is a contribution to the industry.”

“It is truly gratifying to see our entire company receiving another recognition for TRUpath™,” CEO John Walroth added.  “We challenged our R&D team some 5 years ago to make this dream a reality.  Not only are our customers reaping the benefits of this technology, but our communities and environment will benefit for years to come.  As a company, we are committed to environmental stewardship, and continue to embrace “Doing the Right Things” … for our customers, our associates, the environment and our communities.”

WSI is the market leader in commercial laundry chemicals.  They were founded in 1989 and currently are in their 30th year of business showing continual year over year growth.